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that one extremely homoerotic painting of a babylonian man listening to a babylonian twink playing babylonian harp. that one


Isn’t that David and Saul? 

“The Bible tells us that David played for Saul in order to calm the latter’s “evil spirits”, but it would be difficult to view this painting - the pose, the
tender lighting, the shared gaze - without some suspicion of an implied homoerotic connection between the king and his young armor-bearer.” x

So in the book of Samuel it says that “an evil spirit of the Lord tormented” Saul and his advisers were all like, “Hey why don’t we get Jesse’s son David to come here and play for you, he’s brave and handsome and has a way with words”. And Sauls like, “yeah fine”. And so they brought David to the king’s court and whenever David would play for him the “evil spirit” would be subdued and leave the King. Now I always found this to be interesting because of two things:            

1. The “evil spirit” tormenting the king was clearly some form of depression 

2. King Saul was a gay daddy and the only solution his advisers could come up with was finding him a twink. Like “hey the King’s sad and lonely lets match him up with this hot sheperd”. So they were basically the first Grindr or Scruff.

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